Fair Trade

For us, fair trade means dialogue, transparency and respect all the way down from the producer to the consumer. Besides an adequate price, enabling the producer to pay his employees living wages, an exclusive partnering with producers that value their employees by implementing controlled working hours, paid overtime, the right for collective bargaining and internal education programs, comes with the territory.


Certified organic cultivation not only satisfies environmental protection and consumerism, but also encourages the institutionalization of fair trade procedures. This is something the umbrella organizations of the fair trade movement realized long ago and therefore refer to fair trade and organic production as twin brothers in empowering workers' protection. Who produces organic has to train and educate his workers and improves their health through the abandonment of pesticides and insecticides and leaves fertile farmland for future generations by diversification and crop rotation. At the same time he becomes independent from the price and patent policies of the biotechnology and seed industries and reaches for an economically sustainable, long-term efficiency of his own business. These are the reasons, why we exclusively sell textiles made of organic cotton.

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