Honestly! Do you really believe your corporate image will benefit, having your brand identified with poor quality products manufactured for 70 Cents under humanly degrading conditions in an illegal shanty sweatshop somewhere in China or Brazil? We do not think so!

With us, you'll not get cheap cookie-cutter garments of the rack. We will design and produce your customized collection and ensure it clearly portrays your company's:

• goals and needs,
• Corporate Design,
• target markets and
• corporate visions.

Wether you want to provide fashionable garments to your employees or to leave a lasting impression with your customers... We are here to make it happen!
Of course, you can also choose from our standard collection:

Our catalogue for download as PDF! (2,1 MB)

Benefits: You don't have to worry about environmental and social aspects. We supply you with an exclusively high-quality product. The cotton is grown under certified organic conditions, while manufacturing is done providing fair wages, social benefits and educational opportunities. By accepting our minimum criteria for suppliers, all contractors associated with the better brand guarantee compliance to the rigorous environmental and employment protection guidelines of the „Global Organic Textile Standard“ (GOTS) and allow unannounced environmental and social auditing by independent inspectors in all production units at all times.
"Fashion instead of promotional and non-selective goods"
Advertising individually...


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